Supply & Solution

Identifying the most efficient telecom tower design can be challenging but Genex is committed to helping you select the style that is right for your project and accommodate increasing connectivity demands. We are a leading provider of Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, and commissioning of different types of Tower.

  •  Lattice Towers
  •  Guyed Towers
  •  Monopole Towers
  •  Camouflage Towers
  •  Self-Support Towers
  •  Mobile Cell Towers

We also provide outdoor/indoor telecom enclosures (battery and equipment), server racks, and anti-theft battery racks.

All fixtures are internal to the cabinet to provide a secure solution.

  • 16U, 18U, 22U, 24U, 27U, 32U, 42U or other customize sizes available
  • 19″ or 23″ adjustable rack
  •  Galvanized steel (Aluminum, stainless steel, color-coated steel optional)
  •  Cabinet Air Conditioner (Heat Exchanger/Thermoelectric Cooler(TEC) Optional)
  •  IP54,IP55,IP65 or NEMA 4, NEMA 4X


  • Telecom Tower Solution
  • BTS Civil Works
  • Camouflage Tower Solution
  • Smart City Solution
  • Cell on Wheel (COW)
  • Small Cell Solution